Friday, May 1, 2009


Was at The Curve last night, went for dinner at Bubba Gump and bought some SK-II products from Metrojaya, just replenishing my supply. Thereafter, we proceeded to hang out at Starbucks for our weekly coffee night.

As usual, we'd find a nice corner, have a coffee each and chill the whole night through, just enjoying each other. At the end of the night, as we left the table, we continued talking and laughing all the way to the car and proceeded home.

Back home, as we were stepping into the house, B asked "Dear, did you take your SK-II?" And I was like "No..."

Then we were like "S**t!" Turned out that we've forgotten all about it and left the paper bag sitting on the chair in Starbucks! B immediately headed for the car, wanting to return to the outlet in the hope that it'll still be there. I wanted to go along 'cus I was worried that he'd be driving like a mad man, but he insisted that I stay home. Understanding his intention, I did not insist and stayed back - it's much faster for him to go alone rather than having me tip-toeing along. :P

Anyway, the thing is I'm so used to him in looking after the shopping bags that I'd never check. Call me dependent or whatever, but I call it trust. It's the first time something like this happened anyway and we've been together for years.

So off he went and I waited at home. Immediately, I came online to search for this outlet's phone number and called, with very little hope. I was not even sure if anyone would pick up 'cus it's really late.

After few rangs, someone finally picked up and I told him what happened and wondered whether he's seen my paper bag. Thank goodness, they've actually found it and already kept it in a safe place. So gave him B's name and told him that B is already on his way.

THANK YOU, STARBUCKS THE CURVE! You can't imagine how grateful we are and how much it means to us. 'Cus you know what? The paper bag that you saved is worth more than RM1000. Hehehee...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I'm sure you have dined in a traditional coffee shop before, at any point of your life. But have you actually paid attention to how the plates are being transferred from the kitchen to the storage? That's exactly what I saw over dinner earlier.

This big lady came walking out with a big stack of plates of different sizes, which were stacked from big to small, bottom up. Amazed at her skill at holding them together and being able to walk at the pace she did, I took a closer look.

Guess what? Both her hands supported the weight of the stack at the bottom, while her boobs were holding and balancing it right at the top. So that's the trick, hold the plates together by pressing the top and bottom together...

But wait a minute... If her boobs are pressing the plates down, that would mean that they actually have to touch, right? Oops!

Quickly looked down at my plate which I've just polished off the chicken rice, and they look exactly the same! Which means... Oh oh... Too late!

But anyway, I took comfort in the fact that I was not the only person who ate it, 'cus B did too! Hahahaa...

Thursday, February 19, 2009


First, politicians went missing. Then naked pictures were distributed. What's next? Politician caught eating food from garbage bin? :P

Let me tell you how this can be done...

Follow politicians around... See who likes eating burger... Make sure they're small-eaters... Pick a target and catch him in action with a camera! :P

In action eating burger lar... What were you thinking? :P And when he can't finish it, he'll definitely toss it away into the dustbin, right? Catch that picture as well.

Put both pictures together... But reverse the sequence! :P Hehehee...

As silly as it may sound, it is possible, you know? With all the drama that is happening in the country right now, who could predict what comes next? Anything is possible. Imagine the headline "POLITICIAN CAUGHT EATING FROM GARBAGE BIN!" Marvellous!

Then everyone will start making press statements. "Hygiene is very important. Eating from the garbage bin is immoral. Thus he should step down." Or better, "If politicians wanna eat from garbage bin, they should ensure that the pictures do not fall into the wrong hands."

Hahahaa... Those are indeed my favourite quotes. Wonder if you know who made those statements? They're just so brilliant! :P

Monday, February 9, 2009


B is in Barcelona again. As usual, I'd go home to Penang and stay with my parents. Was there for 10 whole days. Mm-mm... :D Got back to Shah Alam this afternoon. It's special this time around 'cus mummy drove B's car and sent me back here.

We had it all planned actually, but because of the unexpected snow in London, the plan was disrupted. Anyway, B sent me and Chloe home, and boarded the plane from Penang. While he's away, we would stay with my parents. And when he's back, he'll drive us back to Shah Alam, so that we do not have to travel on our own.

But like I said, due to the snow in London, his journey to Barcelona was delayed as the transport system couldn't operate. As a result, some of the meetings are re-scheduled and thus, his return date is affected.

I couldn't wait as I have to return to work. So no choice, I have to come back first on my own. I was thinking of taking a flight back and leave Chloe with her grandparents for a couple of days. Only when her daddy is back, she'll come home with him. But at the same time, B tired from the flight and to drive such long distance thereafter is for me. Now that I won't be there, it kinda defeats the purpose. And to drive alone with little Chloe resting on his lap is kinda inconvenient. Taking all these factors into consideration, mummy decided to take charge and drive. Reason being I don't know how to handle B's car. :P Call me useless, but oh well...

Anyway, mummy really enjoyed driving B's car. According to her, the car just picks up the speed so fast that she could hardly feel it and now she understands why we drove at our usual speed when heading home each time. Can't blame us. :P Daddy is loving it too.

B is changing his return flight to KL instead, now that we're already back here. Saves him some travelling time. And I can't wait to see him again. It's been too long!

Friday, December 19, 2008


I foresee myself being the next Picaso. Don't laugh!

Painting name : Framed

Painting name : Monster

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Got Chloe a new toy. Here it is.

And she's loving it! :D